PILATES is a method of exercise designed to both physically and mentally condition students by using set patterns of movement in limited repetitions. It is the ideal preparation for any ballet dancer before class.

Guest Teacher

AM PARDI is one of the most highly trained and experienced Pilates instructors in the country. She is certified under the Pilates Guild. Ms. Pardi, whose career in Pilates spans over 15 years has a following that includes corporate professionals, performing artists and athletes including Norma Kamali, Katrina Killian, Fredericka Van Stada, Natasha Richardson and Dominique Dawes.

Ms. Pardi studied with Carole Trier 1986-1988. Her training to teach Pilates began in 1988 at the Original Pilates Studio under Romana Krysanowska, the world's most renowned Pilates instructor and teacher trainer. Pamela began teaching for Romana that same year. In 1989, the studio closed and Ms. Pardi was placed to teach for Romana at Drago's Gymnasium where Romana Krysanowska began an international teacher's program. Ms. Pardi continues to teach at Drago's Gymnasium today.

Currently, Ms. pardi also teaches at JRW Physical Therapy where she has been since 1997, as well as conducts mat classes at LA Sports/Rebok and Ballet Arts in City Center.

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